High-quality content is the foundation of any strong online presence. Not only is it the best way to ensure you’re targeting all the right keywords to attract customers, it also allows for stronger brand recognition, and portrays you as knowledgeable experts within your industry.

From SEO tactics to creating content that is both varied and accessible, read on for our top tips on creating a strong online presence with your digital content…

1) Online Marketing that’s Easy to Understand

When you’re writing about a particular topic you’re well-versed in, it’s easy to assume everyone will understand what you’re saying. Even if it’s clear to you, throwing around random buzzwords here, there and everywhere, could alienate your target audience.

If your online content is causing people to stumble as they read, there’s definitely a problem. For a strong online presence, it’s better to keep your web copy beginner-friendly…

This doesn’t mean you should avoid going in-depth or talking about the technical side of your business online. Rather, it means that – when you are doing so, you should strive to ensure it’s explained in a way that’s easy for both current and potential customers to understand.

2) Online Content that Engages Potential Customers

Whether you’re producing content for social media platforms, email marketing or your online site, it’s important to make it engaging. Nobody’s going to trudge through a load of text if it’s dull, lifeless and uninteresting. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to keep it conversational – by writing how you’d speak.

Not only will this help you establish a consistent voice for your brand online, it will also help attract potential customers, who see something relatable in your business’ web presence.

If your only experience with writing has been in an academic setting, it’s often instinctive to go about it in a formal way. However, online marketing works best when it breaks this mould. Colloquial phrases and contractions are great ways to ensure your content reads naturally.

3) SEO helps create a Strong Online Presence

Strong web content has often undergone rigorous search engine optimisation. In a nutshell, this means it’s written in a way that’s attractive to search engines, as well as humans.

By including various keywords that your target market will likely include in their google search queries, you’ll generate more traffic to your website, improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), and have a more active online presence.

Ideally, you want your content to rank on the first pages of search engines. While SEO isn’t an exact science – and there are various ranking factors that can affect your position, there are a few tricks to help you rank higher.

To strengthen your business online presence, it’s important you get to know the keywords your audience is searching for and use them to your advantage when writing. Search engines get people the information they’re looking for quickly, efficiently and accurately. In order to write SEO-optimised content, you’ll need to research keywords for your industry.

4) Mixed Media that illustrates your Brand Online

Is anything less appealing than a website with nothing to look at but text? No photos, no graphics – just endless amounts of written copy…

Strong web content – and a good user experience, aren’t restricted to just blog posts and email marketing. By having a mix of quality content on your website, you’ll increase brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty and appeal to a wider range of user preferences. 

On top of all the text on your website, social media presence and other online channels, try using images, graphics and video to build brand awareness and inform your target audience.

90 percent of information sent to the brain is visual – and it processes it 60,000 times faster than written word. By neglecting to create a mix of high-quality content in various formats, you’ll struggle in developing relationships with potential customers who think visually.

5) Create Online Content that’s Audience Targeted

When you create websites or any content for your business, it’s important to remember it’s not for your own benefit. Instead, you’re creating it for your target audience.

Whatever form your online presence takes, its purpose should always be to appeal, inform and engage with your customers online. Regardless of whether you’re a local business – or a multinational with several branches, you should always have a clear idea of your audience.

After all, if you’re not sure what your audience wants, how can you ever market your website to them? The answer is, you can’t – at least not well. Your target demographic’s age, income, background – and so much more, should all have an effect on how you communicate. It’s about providing high value to your customer base, in the most effective way possible. 

Before you go ahead and create a load of content you assume will attract people, it’s worth doing some research first. Examine your competitors’ presence online, scour social media posts, pinpoint what’s working for them – and improve on it.

If you’re wanting to strengthen your online presence, increase brand awareness, and attract customers, figure out your unique selling point – and plug it across multiple channels.

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