Email Marketing

Tailored messaging direct to your audience.


With email so high on any marketing agenda, it’s important you get it right. Using a range of online tools we will transform how your business works.

Email Marketing Tips That Work

The major problem we’ve found when working with organisations who have a focus on email is trying to deliver a message to an audience that doesn’t want to listen.

Time and time again we’ve seen email campaigns sent to thousands of people generating a small amount of results. However, with a decent strategy and a learning process behind it, we’ve turned email campaigns into the main lead source of a business.

How Can I Improve My Email Performance?

Segmentation is key.

Know who your audience are and how you meet their needs is vital if you’re looking for success. Learning from audience behaviours and offering them products or services that are right for them, at the right time.

At Seven Hills Creative we can help you get email right. We’ll work with you to understand how email plays a part in your overall marketing plan and create campaigns that work within this remit.

Email is a fantastic way of generating leads and selling products.

We can design and set up templates for you to send out or create and deliver your content for you in style.

Save Time With Automation

We can automate processes within your email campaigns to take your customers on a purchasing journey and experience all you have to offer, without any additional human resource, while still offering that personal touch.

All you have to do is simply monitor the results.

Whatever it is you need in email marketing, be it template design and campaign ideas, through to a full automation series to promote your latest offer, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.