Pay per click advertising (PPC) is exactly what it says on the tin. You pay when a user interacts with your advert.

There are numerous ways in which this can work for your brand, if you’re looking for eyes on your message and a huge reach, pay per click advertising is a great way to get an engaged audience fast. Not only will they be engaged, but they’re also part qualified as, depending on the channel you use, they’re looking for the information you are putting their way OR they have the demographics of an audience that suits your product.

Search adverting via Google Ads or Microsoft Ads means your adverts can reach those people that are already looking for it. Whatsmore, done correctly, yours will be the first advert they see.

When it comes to social media channels, your adverts can be seen by the audience with specific demographics that you’re looking for, or that are talking about the issues you are targeting.

Either way, pay per click has a limitless amount of possibilities and is a fantastic addition to your online marketing strategy. Particularly when you want results fast.

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