When we’re starting a website build and in the initial discovery meeting it’s not unusual for us to ask a new client who controls their existing domain name and the answer to be “I’m not sure.”

We purposefully ask this right at the start of a web design process because in instances when they’re not sure, sometimes it can take some time to find out.

But why is it important?

Your Domain Name is a Key Part of Your Brand

There’s a good chance your domain name is simply your business name. It’s a touchpoint of your brand and there to represent you.

Losing control of your domain name can have detrimental consequences. It undermines brand identity, disrupts customer trust, and hinders online visibility. Competitors or malicious entities may acquire it, redirecting traffic or misrepresenting the brand. Legal disputes over ownership could become a real problem and may incur costs.

Keeping control of your domain name helps to preserve your online presence and safeguard your reputation.

You Need Control of Your Domain

Your domain name serves as the address for your website. It allows users to find and access your site easily. Losing control of your domain could mean losing the ability for users to find you and for your offer to become inaccessible.

Think about your emails too – if you have a problem, you might lose control of your emails completely. If no one can contact you by email, are you going to be able to run your business?

Security is HUGE when it comes to your Domain

As well as the brand and practicality risks of not having or losing access to your domain, there could be severe security implications should it get into the wrong hands:

  1. Phishing Attacks: Cyber criminals may use the domain to create convincing phishing websites, tricking users into divulging sensitive information like login credentials, credit card details, or personal data.
  2. Email Compromises: If email services are linked to the domain, attackers can send fraudulent emails that appear to come from the legitimate domain, deceiving recipients.

Don’t forget your SEO

Search engines consider domain names when ranking websites. Losing control of a domain can result in a loss of search engine visibility and traffic, affecting your website’s ability to be discovered.

If you’re not showing up in search you’re going to miss out on a significant audience.

Know Who Controls Your Domain today

If you don’t have a domain account that has your domain in it, think about who controls it and how easily you can access it.

Make a note (do it today) and have the contact details for whoever is in control and it will make your life so much easier when it comes to using it. Be safe in the knowledge you can access your domain easily (even if it’s via a third party).

Get In Touch

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