A strong, reliable and effective website for business is about more than just stunning design. 

Looks are important – sure, but it’s more important to guarantee it works exactly the way you want it to. After all, what use is design if the build of your site is flawed, clunky – or otherwise off-putting to website visitors and potential clients?

Ensure your Business Site is Developed, not just Designed

When it comes to creating websites, it’s important to ensure you have it developed – and not just designed. Often, it’s all too easy to focus on the aesthetics of web pages and forget there are several other factors to consider too. To ensure your website runs as flawlessly as it looks, you’ll need a great design – that’s built correctly.

Great design creates a look and feel that delivers on a business’ purpose in the most effective way possible. In contrast, the development takes this vision and converts it into code. Often, they’ll also recommend changes and improvements to the design by identifying emerging functionalities in the build process.

Although there’s overlap between the two roles, more often than not, designers tend not to know much coding. So – even though they can use templates and page builders to create a beautifully designed website, it may not perform as effectively as you might want it to. As such, it’s vital you employ the skills of a web developer when deciding to create a website.

Avoid Using a Website Builder

At first glance, website builders seem a natural option for small business owners – as they allow for the construction of simple pages without any coding knowledge. However, while their intuitive ‘drag and drop’ design function can create aesthetically-pleasing websites, they are all too often riddled with bloated code, slow loading times and uninspired elements…

Firstly, website builders are unoriginal – and there’s just no way of getting around that. Initial impressions are vital, and an uninspired theme will never give the same appeal as bespoke, custom-built websites. In fact, 48% of users list web design as the top factor in determining a business’ credibility, so a bespoke layout – that sets you apart from the crowd, is essential.

What’s more, website builders also negatively impact overall site speed – contributing to poor search engine optimisation and ranking in search engines. As mentioned earlier, website builders generate code to create pages – but this is far from efficient. By clogging your site with bloated code, users will have to wait longer for pages to be code read and displayed.

Ensure your Business Website meets Coding Standards

In order to ensure that the build of your business website is correct, it’s important to follow industry regulations. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) issues a thorough list of international standards that are both easy to understand, and simple to follow. While these guidelines aren’t legally binding, it’s best to follow them for better functionality.

Most W3C work revolves around standardising web technologies – and benchmarking a consistent level of quality. By following W3C guidelines, you’ll ensure your site’s compatible with applications using the same industry standards, and accessible to all types of users.

Protect your Online Store with the Latest Frameworks

Another important thing to consider when creating a website is whether or not you’re using up-to-date frameworks. In simple terms, these are pieces of software that provide efficient ways to build and run websites, online stores and other web applications. As these are ever-evolving, it’s essential you make use of the most recent versions available…

For web developers, new frameworks speed up the building process of new web pages, as it removes the need to create a new coding system. It also reduces miscalculation within the code itself. On the other side of things, end-users benefit from a smaller memory footprint, and significantly improved loading times on web pages. As a result, applications feel more reactive, thereby establishing a stronger – more positive user experience, all round.

While lifespans vary, all frameworks eventually reach their ‘end of life’ stage. This ranges anywhere from six months, to several years – or even longer in certain cases. In the end though, every framework will stop receiving essential security updates for your business. 

For e-commerce businesses and online stores, this is even more critical. Security issues are gateways for hackers to launch malicious attacks on your business online – or gain access to its private user data. While updating your website’s frameworks means additional expenses, it’s far less costly than the marketing and PR nightmare that comes with a security breach.

Trust in SHC to Build your Website

Whether you’re looking for a website with e-commerce functionality, a simple brochure style website – or a completely bespoke web solution, we can deliver. With over a decade of technical knowledge and industry expertise, you can trust us to build a professional website that delivers on all your business’ wants, needs and desires…Get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today to find out how we can help you.