Over the past few months, we’ve been delighted to welcome some fresh-faces to our – now expanding, digital marketing team. 

We’ve been working hard since launching back in 2018 and now’s the right time for us to bring in these new team members to help support our continued growth. It also opens the door for us to expand what we can offer when it comes improving your online presence.

We’re a personable, results-driven team who love working closely and collaboratively with our clients. As such, we think it’s only right we introduce you to the cogs making this marketing machine work.

Without further ado, meet our two new marketing assistants and find out what they’ll be bringing to SHC!

Martha Nyanhi, Marketing Assistant:

Martha Nyanhi joined the Seven Hills Creative Team as a Marketing Assistant last November. Since then, she’s been making her presence known across ours and our clients’ social media. 

In charge of scheduling posts and brainstorming strategies to increase online presence and engagement – she’s already proven to be a great addition to the team.

Martha Nyanhi – SHC Marketing Assistant

Born in London, Martha has been studying English and Linguistics at Nottingham Trent University, as well as living there, for the past three years. 

A self-confessed watch-dog, the 20-year-old loves to sit down for a good documentary, film or TV show and has been playing the piano for the last 11 years. Having visited more than 20 countries, Martha’s also quite a seasoned traveller for her age. Her most recent venture saw her jetting off to Jamaica a couple of months ago.

In her own words:

 “I joined Seven Hills Creative through a referral. I had previous experience as a marketing assistant with Mark’s friend Victoria and completed some digital marketing courses before joining.

“Right off the bat, Mark’s energy and enthusiasm for his business really appealed to me. He’s been so kind and helpful throughout. His great leadership and trust in the team means that the majority of the time it doesn’t feel like work at all!

“At SHC, I primarily focus on managing our social media presence and pinpointing strategies to improve it. I create all the content, set the publishing schedule and track and analyse how well it’s doing. I enjoy having the freedom to add my own creative flair to the work I create – and love seeing people engage with and react positively to it.

“In terms of my future with SHC, I hope I can continue to grow and work with more clients. I’d also like to increase my personal development by learning different aspects of the business such as SEO and PPC. 

“In the meantime, I hope we continue to grow our expanding team and carry on being the best digital marketing agency in Sheffield.”

Perry Johnson, Marketing Assistant:

In February, we were delighted to welcome a second marketing assistant our team. With a background in journalism and PR, Perry Johnson has been putting his skills to use creating long-form written content and blogs for our clients’ pages.

Perry Johnson – SHC Marketing Assistant

Originally from Leicester, Perry studied journalism at De Montfort University before making the move up to Sheffield eight months ago.

A big fan of art, he’s an avid creator of drawn or painted portraiture and has a real passion for capturing human emotion in all aspects of his work. The 24-year-old also enjoys hiking, camping and the great-outdoors in general – and has even started teaching himself fingerstyle guitar during the pandemic. 

In his own words:

“At Seven Hills Creative my main focus is creating content for both our own site and for our clients. Be it in-depth blog posts, detailed case studies or even a simple marketing email – I really enjoy getting into the meat of a topic and finding the strongest angle to showcase it.

“The role at SHC was appealing to me as it presented an opportunity to benefit others with my writing while seeing real results. Working with Mark has been great from the get-go. His vast marketing experience, thoughtful approach and dedicated work ethic has been inspiring. I look forward to learning about more areas of the business from him and the team.

“As for experience, my degree was in journalism and I also earned a gold-standard diploma from the NCTJ alongside this. With previous work in PR offices to boot, I have experience in managing brand awareness and public opinion.

“I’ve covered stories ranging from organ donation in BAME communities; to a codeine drug epidemic in Nigeria – and much more in-between. With this experience, I’m comfortable creating publishable, SEO rich content for clients regardless of their industry.

“I’m excited for my future with SHC and the opportunity to expand my knowledge of digital marketing. I’m eager to develop my skills alongside the business’ and explore new areas like website design and social media.

“2022 looks set to be an exciting year for Seven Hills Creative as it continues to expand. I look forward to working with our growing clientele list as we remain at the forefront of digital innovation.”