As the old adage goes, the customer is always right. You simply must make your website work for your users…. but you also need to make it work for you.

We’ve come up with some short tips for you to make sure your customer and you are both getting what you need.

Be clear with your objectives

First things first. What are you trying to achieve with your website? Making sure you’re clear with this will ensure you can understand whether it has been a success or not.

You may be trying to achieve more than one of these. Being clear from the start will help you and your customer have a better experience.

Log your objectives and how you can measure them to see how successful you have been.

Make it easy to understand

You’ve got people to your site, fantastic. Now what. You don’t want them to be put off from your brand by the content in front of them. Keep it clear and simple and you’re a great leap towards keeping their attention.

Simple Navigation – Make sure, the user can find what they have come to find. You won’t have their attention for long, so make sure you make it as easy as possible to get what they need.

Avoid lots of text – We live in an age where nobody has any time and we’re competing with so many other distractions. People want their information in short, bite-size pieces. If you simply must have reams of text, make sure you break it up into manageable chunks. Even better, could you use a short video as an alternative?

Plain English – Avoid jargon and don’t over complicate things. People want information that is easy to understand. Keeping it clear will give your product or information an appeal to a MUCH wider audience.

Easy to action

Not only have you got a person to your site, but you’ve converted them into buying your product and digesting the information you’re trying to give them. Result. However, they can’t find out how to complete their purchase. ARGHHH. Make sure you’ve made their journey to completion easy to follow.

Make sure you’ve made specific items or offers stand out from the crowd. A user may not know exactly what they want or that certain products exist. By making their experience even easier, you can cross-sell or up-sell without too much extra effort.


Good. If there’s one word you want to take away from reading this, it is clear. Make your customer journey as clear and simple as possible and in turn, you will make your website work for your customer. By knowing what you want to achieve, you’re making your website work for you.

If you want a hand in making this happen? Give us a shout. We have lots of experience in making websites that work for your customers and for you.